Established business? New Start business? Profitable? Loss making?

Looking to invest? Looking to grow? Looking to raise money from your assets?

Whatever your requirements, we can help you.

All manner of finance is available to our clients and we have access to the right type of funding for your circumstances, tailoring their products to your requirements. We are able we support businesses at all levels of development from ‘new-start’ and developing businesses to PLCs, across a wide variety of commercial sectors.

Asset Finance Products

Hire Purchase

Using the asset as security, this repayment facility offers full ownership of the asset at the end of the agreement. Repayments tend to be a fixed monthly sum however, the repayments can also be structured to suit your businesses seasonality or cashflow cycle, customising to suit you. If required payment structure can also include a final lump sum, often referred to as a balloon, assisting in easing cashflow by reducing the monthly repayment.

Finance Lease

When ownership is not essential, leasing works well for a number of assets, including commercial vehicles and trailers. At the end of the lease you can continue renting the equipment by paying annual secondary repayments/rentals or sell the goods to a third party and retain up to 99% of the sale proceeds.

Operating Lease

‘Op Leases’ are rental agreements which can be used to finance business assets, including heavy commercial vehicles, coaches, vans, cars, machinery and other assets as approved. The Funder will build a residual value in to the lease facility which will reduce the rentals, helping cash flow and where possible, making the debt ‘off-balance sheet’ (subject to your auditors’ approval).

Cashflow Finance

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance improves cash flow within a business by unlocking cash held within invoices. As business turnover increases, the working capital required to fund the business also increases. By utilising invoice financing, as the business grows so does the cash to support additional working capital. Our access to a ‘whole of market panel’ can support Factoring and Invoice Discounting, Payroll Finance, as well as Trade Finance requirements for UK Importers. 


If you are looking for a lump sum of cash to support the working capital of your business, then Business cash advance is an alternative to traditional finance. If you take payments by debit or credit card, we can arrange for a cash lump sum. Repayment is an agreed percentage of the debit and credit card takings, and follows the performance of the business. This is a cashflow friendly alternative and works well for businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors, and businesses looking to invest in stock, equipment or refurbishment.

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